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Continuity in our lives and our story

Continuity and Purpose
I've been helping a lot of great people with their graphic memoirs lately, in the Graphic Memoir Intensive Working Group and I've been realizing lately why we tell our stories.

It's to take our narrative for ourselves. And especially to find continuity in our lives.

Continuity means we had a purpose for being here. We were born to live out a life, and that life has a single line of action. It brought us here.

Here, where we are writing it, drawing it and telling it.

There are days when I can drift in and out of a funk, maybe depression. I think there's no purpose. (Especially nowadays! How many apocalyptic trends are we in the midst of?)

But then I turn on some music I liked in high school, and I realize, I'm still that person, who decades ago loved those melodies so much, or liked the thoughts in the lyrics so much, and that I've grown away from something, or more towards something, but definitely I have made it to this point.

To this p…

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